Volumetric Technologies provides filling machines suited for different applications in various industries. Its products can be used by the food, industrial, and cosmetic markets. All machines by Volumetric Technologies come with customization options.

[CANNON FALLS, 03/05/2019] – Volumetric Technologies, a filling equipment manufacturer, offers solutions for a wide variety of products for different industries in the US. The company’s filling machines and other equipment provide fast and accurate product packaging. Their products include filling line machines, cup machines, piston fillers, dispensing nozzles, and transfer pumps. The company also customizes machines and products to fit their customers’ systems.

Filling Solutions for Multiple Industries

From food to cosmetics to chemicals, Volumetric Technologies offers product packaging solutions for the following applications and more:

Bakeries: Volumetric Technologies has bakery depositor machines for dispensing batter, frosting, pie filling, and dough sheet lines. The company took account primarily of speed and accuracy in manufacturing these machines while preventing or limiting product degradation. The machines can yield 100 deposits per head per minute and gently handle shear-sensitive products. These also process large materials and reduce product giveaways. Customizable options for these machines include large- and small-scale bakery depositor machines, custom dispensing and injection nozzles, hot and cold fills, and personalized machine frames.

Industrial Plants: From drum filling to paint filling, Volumetric Technologies serves the industrial market, providing solutions for janitorial cleaning supplies and petroleum-based products. The company’s industrial filling machines were manufactured with precision and safety in mind, increasing yield and minimizing safety hazards. Built with 316L stainless steel and US FDA-approved materials, the machines can handle both thick liquids and watery solutions. These products include oils, solution cleaners, epoxy, and degreasers.

Cosmetics Companies: Volumetric Technologies’ cosmetics filling machines transfer a variety of cosmetic products into containers of varied shapes, sizes, and materials. The machines handle semi-solids, cosmetic creams, lotions, shampoos, hair dyes, and perfumes, to name a few. They don’t only automate, but also innovate, says the company. They are designed to prevent human errors that could result in profit losses. Customization options for these machines include bottom-up filling for foaming products, liquid level control, and container size versatility.

Volumetric Technologies designs and manufactures these filling machines with the unique needs and requirements of various industries in mind. The company also meets the specific requests of its clients through its customization options for the most accurate and suitable filling solutions.

About Volumetric Technologies

Volumetric Technologies has been in the business for over 25 years. Since then, it has served different industries with reliable filling machines and filling equipment systems, which the company produces only with FDA-approved materials.

To know more about the filling machines, visit www.volumetrictechnologies.com.