Festivity and celebration is an eternal part of our Indian culture. Indian culture is a bouquet of festivals that spread love and happiness all around. Though we celebrate many festivals round the year, the festival that signifies the strength of true love is the festival of colors, Holi. Holi is celebrated on the Phagun Poornima. Full moon again is the symbol of love and the colors of Holi drench everyone with love joy and happiness. Holi is one such festival that is celebrated all over the country in various different shades from traditional temple prayers, folk dances, cultural festivities to modern DJ’s and party.
Ohh!!! I forgot to ask you, how are you planning to enjoy the colors this Holi? What! At home just playing little off color with friends, really? I request you to allow me to take you to the colorful ride of hold across our country and make yours, this Holi memorable. Hold my hand and come along to witness the fun and joy of Holi.

Radha ne Kanha se kheli Aisi Holi, khud Shyam rang rang gayi Radha pyaari…. this is the place of eternal love of Radha and Krishna, and so is the festival of colors at Vrindavan. Feel the ecstasy of the vibrant colors all in the color of Krishna. Newlywed couples must pour themselves in this eternal blessing of Radhakrishna for their bond of love to be immortal.
The best part of Holi here is playing colors with Krishna at Bankey Bihari temple and get bestowed with his blessings. The festival starts a week before with bhajans and prayers. Let us be a part of the renowned musical journey at Mathura from temple to river and then to Holi gate. How can we forget to catch the colors play at Dwarkadhees temple!

Let me show you a very unique tradition of enjoying Holi at Barsana. As you can see the women with sticks and men saving themselves with shields, here Holi is played with sticks. Barsana was the village of Radha where Kanha used to tease her and her friends. In response to this, she chased Kanha.

The festival extends for two days, where on the first day men from Nandgaon come to tease the women and in rage, they chased men with sticks. The second-day women go to Nandgaon to play Holi with men. You must be enjoying the fun of love teasing and how it strengthens a relationship. Are you not lost in the playful fight of Radha nad Krishna?

Anandpur Sahib
A different shade of valour and courage is seen at Anandpur Sahib during Holi festival. An annual fair Hola Mohalla is organized for the celebration of Holi and demonstrates the martial skills in simulated battles. Be a spectator to the mock battles and various other feats of bravery exhibited by the participants followed by kirtan, bhajan, and poetry competitions.

Udaipur and Jaipur
Let me accompany you to the royal Holi of Udaipur and Jaipur. Feel the royal status at the Holika Dahan ceremony at the royal palace in Udaipur and be a part of the celebrations of Holi in the streets of Jaipur and Udaipur. The parade includes the most lavishly decorated animals in the streets of Jaipur. Decorated elephants camels horses and folk dance must have taken you along, come we have to witness more places.

Mumbai and Delhi
Although geographically far apart mostly Holi is celebrated in modern terms in these metro cities. DJ’s, parties, music, masti, colors, and fun all you can get here. Participate in the dahi handi act and be the Holi king of the year in Mumbai.

You are lucky enough to get the tickets of Delhi Moo festival where more than 40 Indian and in ternational performers perform to enliven the colors of Holi. Don’t worry you are completely in a safe environment non-toxic colors with bhang lassi, street food and sprinklers are provided to submerge everyone in the colors of love.
Still, we are left with cultural Holi at Shantiniketan, West Bengal, folk Holi at Purulia, Exhuberant Holi in Hampi, Karnataka, and Singhotsav in goa. I will surely take you along to these places next time as Holi has different shades and colors at all these places too. So how was your tour to all these places and experience of Holi? I hope you have been able to live each and every moment. Just think if it was so blissful here, how much more exciting it would be when you will be a part of it in reality. So don’t waste time and decide where you would like to get drenched in the colors of love. Have a lovely time.
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