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PJS Beauty Salon Equipment beauty couches are made from high quality materials, making customers feel comfortable through lengthy treatments and helping salon aestheticians do cosmetic procedures well.

[ROCHESTER, 26/02/2019] — The PJS Beauty Salon Equipment offers the comfort and aesthetic that customers look for in salon couches. Salon owners and spa managers can turn to the company to provide their need for superior quality couches that enable salons to deliver an unparalleled beauty experience.

Providing Comfort to Customers

The salon couches of the PJS Beauty Salon Equipment are not just beautiful, elevating the interior style of any salon; they are also relaxing. Customers can sit through long periods of treatment comfortably. Salon owners can choose between a PVC or PU finish.

The beauty equipment supplier assures spa owners and salon managers that its couches can fit any shop. The dimensions of the couches and beds can also fit all sorts of beauty customers.

The PJS Beauty Salon Equipment offers a wide selection of high-quality padding. They are neither too hard nor too soft — just the right kind of comfort that every customer looks for in a relaxing salon experience.

Offering Function and Accessibility to Staff

But the PJS Beauty Salon Equipment does not just aim to improve the salon experience. The company also offers its couches to enable salon and spa personnel to perform cosmetic procedures with excellence.

Other couches may make it hard for spa employees to move around when treating their customers. But with a salon couch from the PJS Beauty Equipment Salon, customers feel snug and cozy while beauticians adjust the couches according to their needs.

One remarkable salon couch of the PJS Beauty Salon Equipment is the STER 3-motor treatment couch. It features controls for backrest, height and leg rest inclination. The couch enables the staff to do their jobs well without compromising the comfort of their customers.

The PJS Beauty Equipment Salon stands by its belief that salon equipment should make customers feel comfortable and enable the staff to offer outstanding services. Whether it is hair removal, facials, waxing or body treatments, employees will find its salon couches functional and stylish.

About PJS Beauty Salon Equipment

The PJS Beauty Salon Equipment is a supplier of quality salon equipment and salon furniture. The company brings together all aspects of spa furniture, hairdressing furniture and beauty equipment. Find out more information by visiting