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Peak ENT and Voice Center evaluates lumps in the neck through thorough history and physical examination to promptly determine the problem, the causes, and apply the treatment needed.

[COLORADO, 03/04/2019] — Spotting a lump in the neck can be distressing. Peak ENT and Voice Center can help evaluate a particular lump in a patient’s neck. The ENT professionals at the center will identify the problem and the possible causes of the issue.

Understanding Neck Masses

Peak ENT and Voice Center points out that it is possible for some neck masses to be benign. Its healthcare professionals, however, explain that any lump that persists longer than two weeks has to undergo evaluation. The same goes for any lump that keeps growing.

As soon as a thorough history and physical examination are over, an ENT doctor then gives a rundown of the diagnosis. Peak ENT and Voice Center lists the more common lumps:

• Enlarged lymph node
• Thyroid nodule
• Salivary gland mass
• Congenital cysts

Treatment is necessary for each condition. Peak ENT and Voice Center will make the appropriate recommendation once a test result is conclusive.

Performing Treatments as Soon as Possible

The ENT physicians of Peak ENT and Voice Center begin typically use fiberoptic laryngoscopy if the doctors suspect an underlying throat disorder.

The physicians may recommend additional testing. Depending on the level of concern, the ENT doctors may administer an imaging study, like CT scan, ultrasound, or MRI. They may also perform a biopsy of the mass using fine needle aspiration to get a sample of cells from the mass so a pathologist can examine them.

The treatment will depend on the results, but surgery is the most definitive way to remove the mass and rule out cancer.

About Peak ENT and Voice Center

Peak ENT and Voice Center offers intensive treatment and surgical procedures for ear, nose, and throat conditions. The company’s health care professionals consist of fellowship-trained and board-certified speech therapists, physicians, audiologists, and medical aestheticians.

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