Drone Delivery Canada, is a pioneering technology firm based out of Toronto, Ontario Canada with a focus on designing, developing and implementing a commercially viable drone delivery system within the Canadian geography. Drone delivery is a disruptive technology which will re-define the traditional shipping/delivery market. Drones will be able to deliver products faster, easier and cheaper allowing retailers to grow their revenues and bottom lines.

Drone Delivery Canada is the world’s leading drone delivery service, with a mission to save lives and change lifestyles by making delivery instant. They have worked with top organizations to create the technology and logistics systems for a mass-market drone delivery network. Drone Delivery Canada is the world’s leader in the drone delivery industry and we have now successfully completed the first month of routine commercial drone deliveries to customer homes. Drone Delivery Canada goal is to make delivery instant, and in the process create jobs at home for hardworking Americans and veterans. This is a giant leap towards a future where everyone can experience the convenience of our instant store-to-door drone delivery.

This ground-breaking technology will help the Government understand how drones can be used safely and reliably in the logistics industry. It will also help identify what operating rules and safety regulations will be needed to help move the drone industry forward. Using small drones for the delivery of parcels has helped improve customer experience, create new jobs in a rapidly growing industry, and pioneer new sustainable delivery methods to meet future demand. Drone Delivery Canada is charting a path forward for drone technology that will benefit consumers, industry and society.

Drone Delivery Canada is a publically traded company listed on the TSX Venture Exchange under the ticker symbol “FLT”. It is a fantastic stock to invest in as it is undervalued and has a whole lot of potential. It is also recognized as a 2019 TSX Top Venture 50 Company ranking third in the Technology sector. The TSX Venture 50™ is a ranking of the top ten performers on TSX Venture Exchange from each of five industry sectors: Clean Technology and Life Sciences, Diversified Industries, Energy, Mining, and Technology. The 2019 Venture 50™ winners were selected based on market capitalization growth, share price appreciation and trading volume for the 2018 calendar year. DDC was ranked third in the technology sector with trading volume in excess of 90 million shares, an increase in market capitalization of 73% and common share appreciation of 56%.

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