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Although water covers 70% area of Earth and it is the most necessary element for the survival, yet it is not available in abundance for drinking. Thus, Bailley turns out to be supplying high quality drinking water across India since its launch in 1993. Bailley packaged water is bottled in 52 state-of-the-art plants across India. Targeting various category of consumers & occasions, Bailey Water Bottle is satisfying their needs. There is increasing presence of packaged drinking water brands across India, but the leading competitors of Bailley are the Bisleri, Foster’s, Icelings and Aquafina among others.

Bailley test parameters have been accredited on IS: 14543: 2004 to judge the quality including the minerals, toxic substances, microbiological organisms, pH level, colour and various other factors. The brand is continuously taking effective steps to stay within the -permissible limit in order to maintain the water fit for consumption. Bailley’s raw water is contaminant free from synthetic chemicals, toxic metals, radioactive elements and bacteria. Moreover, Bailley also maintains the ground water level through continuous rain water harvesting system.

Bailley uses integrated management system of Parle Agro Pvt Ltd, by which they maintains the product quality, safety, hygiene, consumer centric app-roaches and adhering to environmental concerns. The Bailley water goes through intensive purification process of 7 stages including the automatic washing to sanitization process of jars & bottles, before it reaches to the final consumer. Moreover, Bailley’ water goes through 30 parameters on regular basis as per the standards set by governing body Bureau of Indian Standards, and also the company has also acquired the Schedule IV Certificate from the Food Safety Standards Authority of India.

Further, the quality of Bailley water is not only maintained as per the set parameters but also the Bailey water Distributor ensures the taste consistency. Every drop of Bailley water tastes same across the country, due to the fact that natural minerals of PAPL are used into the drinking water. This water goes through the outer labs testing which are approved labs of PAPL, on the parameters set by BIS & FSSAI. Moreover, the company ensures that their food handlers are periodically examined by the doctors so that they remain medically fit & vaccinated by the NABH certified hospitals.

Therefore, in all Bailley ensures to supply hygienic, clean, healthy and safe packaged drinking water to their customers across the country.