For all the coffee aficionados out there – you are in for a treat. Most of us have a coffee maker at home to help us kick-start our day with a cup of freshly brewed java. However, time is the biggest luxury for us, which often means that we don’t have the time to make a cup of coffee before rushing out of the door first thing in the morning. TTK Prestige, India’s number 1 kitchen appliance brand, has launched a microwave coffee maker, for coffee-lovers who are short on time.
Now make coffee in a Microwave! It is an ideal option to make a quick cup of coffee in the morning along with a hearty breakfast. Simple yet highly functional, with a capacity of 400ml, this coffee maker is designed to brew you two strong cups of decoctions within just 4 minutes of placing it in the microwave. The compact design of the coffee maker ensures it doesn’t occupy much space on your kitchen counter.
The microwave coffee maker is available for sale at INR 995/- It is available for purchase at all Prestige Xclusive outlets Chennai