Gone are the days when the bargain hunters used to collect coupons and discount codes from books and newspapers. People”s taste, preference and the approach of shopping have changed. Traditional shopping has been transformed into online shopping which is full of benefits.

RateX, a browser extension initiated to make your shopping experience more delightful and fruitful, fetches the best discounts and applies the most suitable ones whenever you start shopping. Using this extension, you can easily grab promo code that can be used on more than 200 shopping sites.

The installation process of RateX browser extension is easy and straightforward. This is popularly supported by Firefox and Chrome browsers. You won”t face any trouble because the shopping process remains the same. Visit the online shopping site that you are fascinated about; the extension will glow up if the site supports RateX. Start browsing all the stuff that you are looking for and add them into your cart. Once you complete your shopping, progress to the checkout page to find the magic. This extension will make an appearance with the promo codes, and it will apply the best one automatically. Wait, there is something more for you! You can also get cash back up to 20% for every purchase. Start grabbing the Lazada, Redmart, Amazon promo codes and more.

The major objective behind this opening move by RateX is to make the consumers enjoy the discounts and lift them to do more savings. The motto that they follow is “give and take.” They score commissions from their associated merchants and share it with their extension users. Till now they have helped the consumers to save $553,150, which is increasing exponentially.

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