Parrot toys should be of great quality, so they don’t cause any harm to your bird. They should not have small parts that can be swallowed. Also, look into products that are non-toxic, as safety should always come first. You can visit a pet store and go through the available products, find the ones that are suitable for your pet and choose items that are not too big or too small. You can choose toys based on your bird’s preferences and you can observe its playing style as well. Some of them enjoy monkey bars the most, while others like to cuddle. It is a shame to invest in products that will not be used afterwards.

To make sure everything is in order, you can inspect parrot toys on a regular basis and remove any parts that fall out and trim frayed fibers. Once you see a toy has run out completely and it looks very bad, simply throw it away and think about buying a new one. It is recommended to have several items at hand and not just one piece to play around with. To make sure your bird stays social and active and occupies its mind and energy, you can place at its disposal 4-6 toys and even switch them in turn, when you notice they get bored of a certain one. You can change their location as well, and always make sure their cage is far from boring.

Speaking of bird cages, as soon as you get a bird you should think about investing some time into choosing a suitable one. Especially if your pet grows in time, you have to reconsider changing it, because space is always an important issues. There are so many sizes and models available these days that it makes it very hard to choose a suitable product. First of all, think about location and decide where the bird will be located. It should not stand very close to windows and drafts and should be close to you and your family, so you can socialize and take part in your pet’s development.

One of the most important considerations regarding bird cages is size. Small cages are suitable for a canary or a finch, but these are definitely not suitable for larger birds. Consider purchasing one where your feathered friend will walk comfortably and fully extend their wings. Of course, you might occupy some space with toys, perches, food bowls and such, so don’t forget to consider these from the beginning.

Resource Box: Don’t hesitate and diversify parrot toys , so that your feathered friend will not get bored easily. If you want to have a happy and healthy bird, you need to choose the right bird cages.