Since the emergence of automation, multiple supply chain automation companies are offering multiple solutions to help entrepreneurs to bring more efficiency, productivity and increased throughputs. Amongst all, the warehouse execution software and robotic warehouse systems are gaining high popularity in the market. Talking about the warehouse execution systems, they optimize fulfillment, delivering accuracy, efficiency, and speed needed for today’s high-performance fulfillment, warehouses, and distribution operations. The execution software platform is acting as the operational brain, which adjusts the workflow for rendering real-time responsiveness via automated decisions that are based on the continuous analysis of inventory labor, orders, methodologies and equipment data.

Making The Transition To Higher Automation:

The rapidly increasing labor shortage, coupled with the realization, which labor can’t address today’s volume needs, is actually prompting the retailers for increasing their automated abilities within their stores, fulfillment and distribution centers. The warehouse execution software is capable enough to allow enhanced automation for offsetting labor challenges while helping for increasing the usage of your workforce.

Benefits of Warehouse Execution System (WES):

It helps in proper streamlining of order planning and real-time fulfillment implementation.
It also makes possible the gate-to-gate visibility and increased decision-support abilities for the real-time event management
The predictive and holistic control of automated material handling tools for decreased labor costs and enhanced material flow.
Eliminated software integration points to enhance stability, lower execution costs along with the much-simplified maintenance and support.
The adaptability to ever-changing business requirements with the modular design and affordable enhancements and improvements for enhancing overall investment.

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