Dr A’s clinic, managed by the world’s No.1 hair transplant surgeon is trusted by Bollywood celebrities for hair restoration services.

Delhi, India, 28th February 2019

Hair loss and baldness are problems which most people, especially men face. For those who are worried about their looks being spoilt by hair loss, they can go in for hair restoration. Whether it is hair transplant or any other type of hair restoration, there is one choice for all hair related problems and that is Dr A’s clinic. The clinic that provides the best hair treatment for men is run by Dr Arvind Poswal regarded by many as the No. 1 when it comes to hair transplant surgery.

Indeed, the clinic has treated many Bollywood celebrities and is the favourite among actors for hair transplant in Mumbai. The clinic believes in providing the best value for clients. It firmly believes in the motto that best value can be achieved by a combination of high quality and low cost. It is this focus on quality and low-cost that has led to this clinic being one of the most reputed and popular ones for all hair related restorations.

Apart from solving hair loss problem in men, the clinic also provides the best hair treatment for women. It provides a number of services like eyebrow restoration, unwanted hair removal. The clinic has won many awards like Global Indian of the Year and Global Quality Award for Dr Arvind. The clinic has also been awarded the best hair transplant centre in Delhi. There is no doubt that Dr Arvind is the best hair transplant surgeon in Delhi.

The clinic also provides hair transplant in other cities too. This is the reason why the clinic is well-known for hair transplant in Bangalore also. The clinic makes use of the latest techniques and technology to solve hair loss problems. The hair transplant procedures performed at the clinic are effective and safe. The clinic is well-known for providing painless hair transplant treatment. This is the reason why celebrities also avail of the clinic’s services for their hair restoration needs.

The clinic provides different types of hair transplant. It provides the scalp hair transplants (FUHT) method of treating hair loss through transplant. The clinic also provides fue hair transplant treatment. The method of hair transplant is decided based on the case and the consultation by the doctor. Apart from a hair transplant, the clinic also provides hair repair services, which is required if the hair restoration done by some other clinic is not up to the mark and has damaged the hair.

Dr A’s hair clinic makes use of the best hair transplant technology for its hair restoration procedures. This is one of the reasons for the clinic’s success. The patients visiting the clinic are immensely satisfied with the treatment quality and the end results. The safe procedures done at affordable costs are a boon for those facing hair problems.