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February, 2019: Wine making yeast is an essential ingredient for any kind of wine, whether you are making wine for a large estate that produces commercial wine or making your own wine at home. FADA Yeast is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of alcohol yeast in China. It is one of the largest China dry yeast manufacturers with a complete and scientific quality management system.

They are engaged in manufacturing and the wholesaler of the best quality Bulk Brewer’s Yeast that are more demanding nowadays. They mainly focus on instant dry yeast manufacturing and wholesale that include bread yeast, yeast extract, alcohol yeast, animal feed yeast and much more. It is a very famous alcohol yeast manufacturer in China which is popular all over the world.

Shenyang Fada Co., Ltd is a company that anyone can trust upon because of its performance as the best bulk wine yeast manufacturer China. Their products are widely used in baking, fermentation pasta, brewing, flavor improvement, animal nutrition, and other fields. They provide natural, nutritious and healthy products with no compromise on quality through competitive price.

Bulk Brewer’s Yeast for sale features high thermal tolerance, acid tolerance, and alcohol tolerance, which is suitable for the safe and stable fermentation under low temperature and poor quality of raw materials condition. This bulk wine yeast is applied for producing red wine and peach wine, and makes the wine more elegant, aromatic, refreshing and complete with a good sense of structure. If you want bulk brewer’s yeast wholesale, contact them now!

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FADA Yeast is one of the biggest China instant yeast manufacturing companies, wholesale dry yeast for baking and cooking at a competitive price. For more queries please visit

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