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Giza, Egypt, Feb’2019: ACAD Corp., one of the best training and consulting institute in Cairo, Egypt introduces the Leadership Training Program. The program helps you in learning the effects of Leadership in Organizational Change Management and developing qualities of good leadership that are essential for career and organizational success.

The greatest business experts believe, leaders are not born they are developed. Leadership training program is the exact technique to create one. If you want to be a good leader, get trained in the leadership & management skills with Acad Corp. They offer the most effective Leadership training programs that provide numerous avenues for enhancing the qualities of good leadership. Acad Corp’s program helps you fulfill your potential through effective leadership skills training in areas like strategic planning, team building, decision making, and more. In this program, you will also get to learn the effects of Leadership in Organizational Change Management as it is the framework for managing the effect of new business processes. Register today for Acad Corp. leadership training programs on effective leadership skills to boost your performance.

Change management is a broadly defined concept, basically, it is the systematic approach to introduce new technologies, processes, and methodologies. It will not just effect change, but also control it and help people adapt to it, at both the organizational and individual levels. Acad’s leadership program help you in knowing the key measures of change management and how to carry it out effectively.

Organizational change management is the set of actions that can help in build awareness, knowledge, ability, desire, and reinforcement across the organization. Acad Corp. OCM strategic plan covers all the major points like:

Identifying the concept of corporation change management and the areas targeted by the business organizations.
Identifying the corporation change planning stages, its strategies, and approaches
Identifying the leadership role in resistance to change process and methods of dealing with it
The course module includes:

Module 1: Basic Concepts in the Corporate Change Management

Module 2: Process of Planning and Implementing Corporate Change

Module 3: Leadership Role in Corporation Change Management

Module 4: Leadership Towards the Resistance of Corporate Change

ACAD Corp. is founded in 1974, since then, they continue to lead and excel in the field of training and development at both local and international levels. They offer the most diverse range of behavioral skills, from strategic planning to information technology, safety, and security to marketing and sales, and other training courses in Dubai.

If you are also planning to enroll for the Leadership training program then Contact Acad Corp. You can email them on or call on (+2) 37482430.

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