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Located in Kent, Canterbury, Winters Barns is a wedding venue that offers more than a space for the ceremony. It provides clients with other services, such as catering, coordination, and drinks.

[CANTERBURY, 27/02/2019] – Winters Barns offers its venue and other services for weddings. Located at Kent, Canterbury, the place has barns and country gardens, as well as decorated, spacious rooms with a dance floor, ceremony room, bar area and dining room. To create a comfortable setting for any wedding any time of the year, the rooms are heated and air-conditioned. The venue can be decorated to fit any grand or intimate wedding theme.

Apart from a wedding venue, Winters Barns offers other services for a complete wedding package.

Winters Barns Wedding Package

Packages may include:

• Catering: Clients can choose from Winters Barns’ existing menu options or personalise their own. The chefs with Winters Barns will create a recipe based on the clients’ style and budget. There are professional waiters and waitresses to serve at the wedding.

• Coordination: To ensure a smooth programme, Winters Barns offers the services of a professional wedding coordinator, who can also act as the host, if needed. The venue is fully staffed to ensure that all guests are well-assisted.

• Drinks: With a wide selection of beverages and cocktails, Winters Barns’ bar lounge offers a relaxing lounge for the occasion. The bar’s waiters and bartenders serve guests with draft and bottled beers, lager, ale and bubbles.

In addition, Winters Barns offer salon, evening buffet, cottage, DJ, menu-tasting and ceremony rehearsal as part of their wedding packages. Whilst the packages make wedding planning easy, Winters Barns allows clients to be flexible and customise the package they need to suit their budget and style.

About Winters Barns

Winters Barns is a wedding venue in Kent, Canterbury, with a bridal salon, cottage and air-conditioned and heated facilities. It also has partnerships with trusted suppliers for other wedding elements like food and drinks.

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