New Delhi February 2019- India’ s First Private Integrated Medical Emergency Services Application Watch Over You upgrades special trained teams for safety of women in Delhi NCR. As women security in India has been a major issue in past few years and the number of incidents are increasing every year due to improper medical services provided to women in India.
Watch over you the private medical emergency services application by Gift Of Life Foundation has introduced a special feature for women security in India. Watch Over You has an active and trained team to secure women. Our rescue personnel are specially trained for securing women in any kind of emergency.
Watch Over You app includes “Watch Over Me” feature, a personal guardian angel. By one tap on this button, you get secured by Help Center and a network of trained rescue squad. When you activate “Watch Over Me”, Help Center calls you periodically and tracks your live location. In case something wrong is suspected, rescue team is dispatched to your live location. Not only this, our private ambulance is also sent to your location.
In addition to that, existing government services (Police, Fire brigade etc.), community, and your emergency contacts are also alerted with live location.
Watch Over Me will allow you and your family to do things they want to do, without any worry. You can
• Do Jobs
• Pursue collage
• Travel alone
• Or just go for a walk

In emergency, one tap on SOS button will alert our private help center and rescue squad, with your live location. As help center will assess your problem, nearest rescue squad member will come to rescue you.
Commenting on the feature for women rescue feature founder’s vineet jain and sumit gupta said, its our duty to safe our women and by introducing this feature we personally feel that we can safeguard our women. As if we want to make our country strong we have to make our women safe and strong.