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Like other laboratory equipment components, ground grid tester market has also been establishing a critical market in the recent few years around the globe. Poor foundation contributes to downtime; a lack of proper grounding is hazardous and amplifies the risk of equipment failure. For its specific ability to inspect substation ground grids, ground grid testers are gaining significant traction across regions. A ground grid tester is one of the newest technologies amongst the variants of test sets for ground grid inspection. The locations that involve generation, consumption and distribution of electricity need some safety measures to be followed to avoid hazardous situations. Several international and national regulations have been made that are to be checked regularly. The grounding of the exposed conductive parts of the connection to the earth in case of a fault is one of the most fundamental safety measures. A grounding system consists of all the conductors that facilitate the function of grounding whereas ground grid is a meshed system of conductors that are buried under to provide contact with the underlying earth. The ground grid tester market is likely to showcase considerable growth in the upcoming years owing to the rapid growth in urbanization and rise in middle-class incomes leading to increased electricity requirements. The effectiveness of grounding grid systems should be checked using ground test instruments such as the ground grid testers that check the efficiency of connections to the ground. Ground grid tester allows the easy testing of the grid circuits and detects the faults (if any).

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Growth in Utility Sector to Bolster Ground Grid Tester Sales

Ground grid testers are usually fully automatic and have their primary injection testing capabilities up to 800 A or up to 7000 A. The USB and Ethernet interface for PC connection makes it a consumer-friendly instrument. The ground grid tester detects the faults in the ground grids ensuring the early detection of the hazardous conditions (if any). The ground grid tester market is likely to showcase robust growth over the forecast period due to rapid growth in the utility sector. The demand for ground grid tester has been blooming due to growth in the utilities and the construction industries. The growth in the field of power generation leads to the increased sales for ground grid tester market. The power generation industry deploys several ground grid testers for fault detection, up-thrusting the ground grid tester market. The rapid and ever-growing urbanization has also been aiding the ground grid tester market due to the robust growth in utilization of ground grids in the modern infrastructure.

2V – 4V Segment to Register Maximum Share in the Ground Grid Tester Market

Ground grid tester market is segmented by voltage, sales channel, and region. The ground grid tester market segmentation by voltage includes up to 2V ground grid tester, 2V – 4V ground grid tester and above 4V ground grid tester. Among the ground grid tester by voltage, the 2V to 4V have been reported to account for a leading share in sales. On the basis of the sales channel, the ground grid tester market is classified into direct sales, specialty stores, modern trade channels, e-commerce. The direct sales segment dominates the global ground grid tester market.

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Strong Presence of Ground Grid Tester Manufacturers in Asia Pacific Excluding Japan

By region, the ground grid tester market is broadly subdivided into seven regions, as North America, Latin America, Europe, CIS, APEJ, MEA, Russia and, Japan. Although there is a significant concentration of players in North America, ground grid tester manufacturers are predominantly concentrated in the Asia Pacific region, primarily in China. Focus on increased safety concerns and innovative technologies for testing in the utility sector are the primary factors driving the growth of the market for ground grid tester in the APEJ region. A considerable number of manufacturers have tilted toward automation coupled with the use of conveyor chains for increased performance and productivity thereby developing the necessity for the ground grid tester in the market. The new labor laws and inexpensive labor in the region have also aided the manufacturing industry, rendering a large market for ground grid tester in the region. Apart from APEJ, Europe and North America regions are also expected to represent considerable growth in the upcoming years in the ground grid tester market. Some of the key market players in the ground grid tester market are AEMC Instruments, DV Power, Megger, Fluke Corporation, Omicron, E&S Grounding Solutions, Isa Altanova Group, and other prominent players.