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The .NET is the innovation from Microsoft, on which all other Microsoft advances will rely upon in future. It is a noteworthy innovation change, presented by Microsoft, to get the market from the SUN’s Java. Hardly any years back, Microsoft had just VC++ and VB to contend with Java, yet Java was getting the market quick. With the world depending increasingly more on the Internet/Web and java related instruments turning into the best decision for the web applications, Microsoft appeared to free the fight. A large number of software engineers moved to java from VC++ and VB. To recoup the .advertise, .Microsoft declared .NET.

Yet, Microsoft has a superb history of beginning late however making up for lost time rapidly. This is valid if there should be an occurrence of .NET as well. Microsoft put their best men at work for a mystery venture called Next Generation Windows Services (NGWS)., under the immediate supervision of Mr. Bill Gates.

The result of the undertaking is the thing that we currently know as .NET. Despite the fact that .NET has obtained the vast majority of it’s thoughts from Sun’s J2EE, it has truly beated their rivals.

Microsoft’s VC++ was an integral asset. Be that as it may, it was excessively perplexing. It has such a large number of information types, and designers needed to learn numerous libraries including Windows SDK, MFC, ATL, COM and so on. There were numerous information type similarity issues while trading information between various layers. Visual Basic was excessively simple, and numerous genuine developers detested it only therefore. Despite the fact that Visual fundamental was anything but difficult to utilize, it was not entirely adaptable to create genuine applications. SUN’s Java turned into a decent decision therefore. It had the adaptability and intensity of C++ and in the meantime simple enough to grab the eye of VB software engineers.

Microsoft perceived these elements and they presented the .NET thinking about every one of these variables. Every single undesirable multifaceted nature are dispensed with and an unadulterated article situated programming model was presented. This makes developer’s life simple.

.NET is said to be Microsoft improvement demonstrate in which programming progresses toward becoming stage and gadget autonomous and information ends up accessible over the web. Because of this vision Microsoft .NET is likewise called Microsoft technique for associating frameworks, data and gadgets through web benefits so individuals can team up and imparts viably.