HAUPPAGE, NY – As CHB Industries (www.chbindustries.com) approaches its 30th year in business as one of the country’s premier window film consultants and installers, it is clear that applications have changed as the world has changed.

“Our purpose and role has significantly changed as needs of our clients have changed,” said Daniel Venet, executive vice president. “Window films have become much more sophisticated and are providing solutions for those hoping to protect their homes, commercial buildings, museums, schools and houses of worship.”

Today, These Films Provide a Wide Range of Roles That Include:

1.Solar film to control utility costs in both the summer and winter months
2.Privacy films preventing those outside from looking in, while not obscuring views
3.Decorative and privacy films in offices

4.Security films for office buildings, schools, and houses of worship, preventing shards of glass from becoming weaponized

5.Anti-graffiti films that can be removed from windows and monuments when scratched, offering a much more cost-effective strategy than replacing entire panes of glass

6.Museum-grade films that prevent artwork, furniture, and other valuables from fading

7.Window films that prevent electronic espionage by blocking radio frequency and infra-red intrusions from the outside

“While windows are, perhaps, a great asset for homes and commercial buildings, they also provide access to terrorists and spies,” said Venet. “And while windows offer views, they also allow harmful sunlight in that can damage valuables. There are so many applications today that are making our buildings safer, more efficient and less expensive to manage, and attractive.

“CHB Industries is pleased to be on the cutting edge of this industry.”



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