B S Innovation is a renowned supplier of aluminum honeycomb composite panels. The company is a proud award winner at the Global Excellence Awards 2018.

Delhi, India, 25th February 2019

Composite panels that use Aluminum Honeycomb are useful in multiple applications. It can be used as a replacement for wood. It can be used in doors for sliding doors, internal doors with hinges and also to make handcrafted doors. It gives a tough look and is good for internal design. It is also used in the kitchen to make cabinets and shelves. They are light and yet strong and can be used to store more crockery and other items. They are corrosion resistant giving it an extra advantage.

They are also useful in partitions in offices. Aluminum partition walls are popular, strong and durable and are hence preferred. In all these cases, Aluminum Honeycomb Panels are used. The advantage of using these panels is that they are good in terms of decorative purpose and also are strong, yet light weight. B S Innovation is a reputed company that has been manufacturing, supplying and also exporting laminated composite panels from many years. They have made a mark for themselves in the industry and have won acclaim at the Global Excellence Awards 2018.

BS Innovation, who are leading aluminum honeycomb panel suppliers offers solutions that include hot and cold lamination, finished edges, adhesive bond and assembly, powder coated and tested using both destructive and non-destructive testing. The company makes honeycomb panels and also Aluminum honeycomb sandwich panel, composite panel, honeycomb core, and honeycomb sheets. All these products are made to international standards and are of the highest quality levels.

The Aluminum Honeycomb sheet manufactured by B S Innovation is exported to foreign countries, along with the other products made by the company. The company exports its composite aluminum panels to Australia, Spain, Malaysia, China, Saudi Arabia, Hong Kong, Singapore, UAE, South Africa, and the United States. It is also supplied to dealers all over Indian in all states and in all the leading cities.

The Aluminum Honeycomb Structure manufactured by B S Innovation is preferred over competitors as it is coated with PVDF skin and uses cold-blue and hot-press technology. This makes it durable and also non-transient. It is lightweight, yet makes for a very strong panel. It is fire resistant and well insulated and sound proof and is hence good for use in offices. The aluminum honeycomb panels india are available everywhere are can be easily procured.
It is this total focus on quality and producing the best quality of panels that has made B S Innovation the leader among Aluminum Honeycomb Manufacturers in the country. The company has been growing from strength to strength, and is scaling new heights. Apart from composite panels, the company also manufactures modular kitchens, clean rooms, almirahs, marble white tops, and white board products.