Woburn, MA, Feb. 23, 2019 — Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. is a technology company that manufactures and provides advanced silicone inks, textile printing inks, plastic printing inks, metal printing inks, rubber printing inks, printing supplies, and equipment to printers and decorators world wide. We’re known for our commitment to our customers, and are consistently recognized for outstanding service and cutting edge innovation.

Woburn, Massachusetts – technology Ink manufacturing company, Boston Industrial Solutions, Inc. introduces ceramic rings for pad printer ink cups. The ceramic rings are universal and will fit on printing ink cups for pad printer machines.

These ceramic rings have an unmatched long life and performance compared to traditional ceramic rings. The reason is because the rings are made with fine crystalline, high-purity, and high-density Zirconia (ZrO2). This unique feature allows printing and decorating experts to reduce printing costs, increase production, reduce down-time, increase efficiency, and print more.

The ceramic rings for pad printer ink cups are ideal to use with regular pad printing inks as well as our Natron™ SE Series and DC series printing silicone inks.

These rings are replacement rings for pad printing equipment and will fit ink cups of: Autoroll, Comec, Techa Print, Pad Print Machinery (EPSVT), Mugen Seiki, Inkcups, Imtran, Pentex, Luen Hop, and many other pad printing machines.

For more information on the replacement ceramic ring for pad printer ink cup, please visit our website : https://www.bostonindustrialsolutions.com/ceramic-rings-for-pad-printer-ink-cup/

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