The world is raving about the utility of AI and it power of transforming various sectors. However, the application of AI in skincare is still in its nascent stage. Companies and startups are really working on the AI and ML technology to take the dermatology sector also ahead with leaps and bounds. Meanwhile, we came across an app – CureSkin ( that uses AI technology to determine skin problems and accordingly suggests product regimen to be followed for tackling the issue. The startup has already raised $1M funding from prominent silicon valley venture capitalists like Khosla Ventures, YCombinator etc.

CureSkin app is available on the app store for Android as well as iOS, and is absolutely free of cost to download. The team behind this innovative startup is building an AI-dermatologist with cutting edge software that can identify skin conditions from a photo. This startup’s closest competitors are tele-medicine players in India. But the latter cannot scale the way CureSkin does and are very inconvenient for the patients.

There are over 100M people in India with common dermatological concerns like acne, hairfall, etc. who are doing self-treatment and experimentation with generic super-market products with no results. This is where CureSkin comes into the picture. It is a very unique and interesting AI based skincare app. It uses AI technology to analyse skin problems with utmost precision and then the in-house dermatologists of the company CureSkin prescribe products for the same. In case the users feel that the products have not been effective, there’s a money back guarantee as well.

CureSkin sells skin-care treatment kits for common skin issues that include guidance/follow-ups with their dermatologists that are onboard and then the products that are home delivered. These treatment kits are designed using Artificial Intelligence that scans the photo in the mobile-app to identify issues faced by 80% of India. Examples include acne and acne-related problems.

With a relatively small team behind this innovative and successfully running B2C startup, CureSkin has received super positive feedback from its early adopters and is now expanding to the mainstream audience within the target group of women aged between 20-40. The company witnessed 100X growth in its first year of operations – 2018. Five years down the line, CureSkin expects that at-least 2% of India’s population uses CureSkin regimens for their skin-care and hair-care needs, and becomes their one-stop shop for all derma care requirements.