Short Message Peer-to-Peer or SMPP is a protocol that is used for sending and receiving messages from and to iDEN, GSM, CDMA, TDMA and UMTS cell phones. It is a level-7 IP/TCP protocol making way for quick delivery of short text messages. There are large scale benefits of using the SMPP Software instead of sending messages by way of a GSM modem and the advantages at as follows:

1. SMPP protocol is based on IP/TCP and thus, there is absolutely no need of GSM hardware.

2. The SMPP service offers high throughput. More than 200 messages can be sent using an SMPP server every second. This is quite amazing, right?

3. The users of SMPP servers get the ability of sending messages to easy short codes. This is something that does not come as a possibility when sending messages to GSM phones.

4. Alphanumeric sender IDs are allowed.

# Applications where SMPP can Effectively be Used ::

There are a number of applications where SMPP can be used in the most effective manner. We will have a look at these applications below:

1. The SMPP Service can be used for sending voicemail alerts to cell phone users.

2. It can be used for sending message alerts to the cell phone users. Take for instance, when servers are down and when businesses want to convey their consumers about the cancellation of certain offers, the use of SMPP could be a good option.

3. Information services such as stock exchanges, weather news and traffic jam alerts can easily be sent on the mobile devices of the users.
MMS alerts are a possibility with the use of an SMPP Software. When users make payments for Java applications and ringtones, the download link can easily be sent by way of an MMS notification or through a MAP Push message.

4. SMPP can also be used for sending telemetry applications.

The SMPP Server

The time has come for you to completely forget about the complicated handling and management of your bulk SMS business. Simply switch onto an SPP server and have your complete focus on only your consumers. The server is one of the best products developed using the SMPP protocol for the management of an overall SMS business. It works successfully with different applications. It is to be noted that the use of the server does not require any form of coding. Each and every option can easily be managed by simply using the control panel. This means that the server can easily be operated even by individuals who do not have a lot of technical knowledge.

The SMPP Gateway::

Connecting to a SMS gateway by way of an SMPP protocol is considered one of the best solutions when it comes to sending a large number of messages with optimum performance. By way of an SMPP service, users can bind their SMPP applications to a SMS gateway with regular connection. However, if they have an SMPP software then they would not have to go through any kind of extra developmental work. It is always a good idea to go for an SMPP connection especially for companies that are in the look out of enjoying a safe, high-speed and fast gateway for sending high volumes of messages. It is to be noted that an SMPP gateway supports messages such as text, binary, flash and Unicode.