Green Triangle Distributor provides a wide range of quality vests custom-made to clients’ specifications. With unrivalled value and service, they ensure innovative safety clothing solutions and fast turnaround times for their customers.

[WARNAMBOOL, 04/02/2019] – Green Triangle Distributors, a seasoned safety clothing supplier in Australia, provides clients with practical and innovative safety clothing solutions. As the manufacturer of safety vest brand Mulga River, they offer quality custom-made vests designed to meet clients’ specifications. With unparalleled value and service, they are the trusted source throughout the country.

A comprehensive range of colours and styles

High-visibility safety apparel alert drivers and other equipment operators of a worker’s presence, especially in dark and low-light environments and busy industrial workshops and warehouses. Due to the bright and contrasting colours of the vests, and optional fluorescent bands, they ensure that workers on the road or factory floor are easily identifiable despite the unfavourable conditions.

Green Triangle Distributors has a comprehensive range of coloured and fluorescent safety vests for all working conditions. Their wide selection ensures that customers find the appropriate vests for their profession. They supply coloured reflective vests made with durable, high-visibility materials. Enhanced with retro-reflective tape, the vests ensure that road workers, survey crews, security personnel, warehouse operators and many others are safe while on the job.

Green Triangle Distributors also offers high-visibility safety vests made with lightweight cotton or polyester. Designed for first aid workers, they’re perfect for indoor events and outdoor use in any weather condition.

Convenient customisation service

Green Triangle Distributors knows that every job is different, which is why they provide convenient customisation services designed to meet their clients’ specific needs. The company has various coloured, anti-static and fire-retardant fabrics available to suit work in any environment.

For customers who want to stand out, their team screen-prints and embroiders logos and titles on the vests. Logos and lettering come in a wide array of fluorescent and non-fluorescent colours. Customers simply upload their logos or choose from one of Green Triangle Distributors’ popular customisations, and the shipment team delivers the finished products straight to their door.

About Green Triangle Distributors

Established in 1990, Green Triangle Distributors manufactures standard and customised safety vests for safety product retailers across Australia. With their years of experience in the industry, the company is committed to providing quality products with fast turnaround times.

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