The modern abstract art is the new sensation and everyone wants to get hold of this striking piece of art. Eikowa is the online art markets which showcases the latest art of famous painters as well as lets buyers purchase those at a right amount. The site provides an access to o the Indian art network and a wide platform where the buyers can meet with the works of contemporary artists. Artists can reach out to the mass with the help of this platform and more often than so, they get hold of global market. Their works are available for art fanatics, other artists of India or outside the country.
Eikowa proves to be the largest platform offering artists to showcase their masterpiece to the world. The opportunity is for the art lovers to choose their favorite artist and design their house with the best piece of art. Abstract painting being the delight of this generation, lots of great collections is there on the site of Eikowa. It is an art which is just a mismatched line of colors to one but a painting worth precious for other. In addition, presence of watercolor, portraits, oil paintings and other types are there.
At a recent press release, the CEO of the company was present and he has spoken few words about their art venture, “Selecting a piece of art either to decorate your living room or to add another piece to your art corner is tough. Our aim is to make the task of selection easier by providing a curated collection of original paintings. We provide online buying for our customers for hassle free buying experience.”
Famous artists like Somnath Bothra, Sivabalan, Suresh Gulage has their paintings showcased at Eikowa. Interesting fact about their services is that they collects the original paintings of famous painters and put them up for people to buy at the exact condition. The members of the gallery are experienced and trained in the knowledge of art network. With dedication, passion for art and strong motivation Eikowa opens the door to the greatest original art collection for all.
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About the company:
Eikowa is a top original art gallery having a collection of paintings and arts of famous artists. They offer purchasing of art online and deliver to buyers. They include every kind of art starting from abstract art collection to watercolor paintings, simple portrait and landscapes to storytelling through fine art works.
Name: Eikowa
Phone no.: +91 9643700787