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Business trips are an essential part of the corporate world nowadays and have become a routine for many employees nowadays. But when it comes to a business traveller, there are numerous kinds. Have you wondered what type of a business traveller you are. We have figured out four types of business travellers who come with different set of requirements at a hotel.

The Luxurious Travellers

Most of the travellers in this category work in a multinational company and money does not pay a huge role for them. These travellers can afford to make higher demands and of course seen flying in business class. They prefer to stay in best category of hotels and expect individual support, modern furnishings and at least one sophisticated restaurant to dine in.

They may also expect you to offer other services like laundry and dry cleaning and in return if they get a good service at the hotel, they will be a loyal customer to them.

The Busy Travellers

You can spot the busy ones with their calendar full of appointments. They are totally occupied with their job and always on the run. To cater to the demands of their job, they are flexible and do not hesitate to fly in even economy class if it’s the need of the hour. Obviously, this type of traveller wants the most out of his free time and will be happy to be in a hotel that has a fitness centre or a pool to relax after a long exhausting day. They also prefer to be in a hotel that is near the airport or their exhibition centres to save time.

The Relaxed Travellers

This is one of the latest and upcoming category of business traveller where in the traveller wants to combine his work with leisure time. After their job for the day is done, they stay for a few more days so they can explore the city and relax. They prefer to have a hotel located in the city centre so that they can see available tourist spots and shopping destinations.

The Digital Travellers

Another common category of business traveller is the digital traveller who uses social media channels like Twitter or Facebook on his trip to stay connected with others and allows his online community to take part in his trip by regularly posting tweets and pictures. These travellers are young and try to make most out of their business trip. They do not mind travelling in economy class and prefer to spend their time in individual hotels that offer free Wi-Fi.

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