There are numerous foreign study consultants available to your city, but which one to go for? Whom can you trust? The answer is pretty simple. You should consider certain factors before making the final decision.
Prior to the selection of courses in oversees colleges, career counselling of the students are mandatory to unearth the hidden inclination of the students to a particular subject matter. In Studictionary, free of cost career counselling is provided to each student by a team of expert counsellors having more than 12 years of expertise in this sector. Now, don’t worry you will not find yourself in a wrong pool where you have no inclination to swim.
Unlike others, Studictionary has corporate liaison with universities from different parts of the world – be it Singapore or Germany. This will help you select universities with a comparatively cheap tuition fee, greater chances of getting permanent residency in the country or larger exposure to the global labour market.
Studictionary believes in offering total support to students. You can ask for any kind of assistance in the kind of visa guidance, Preparation for English proficiency tests or IELTS tutorials or getting cheaper accommodation in the foreign land. The range of support provided by the consultancy is stated, now the choice is yours to make the final decision.