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Private detectives are hired to snoop around the secret closets of people and bring out shocking information. The detectives bring out the hidden aspects of an issue, detangle them, and make them available for their clients and common people. Truth cannot be kept away from the detectives for long. But Detectives are not supernatural beings who have an extraordinary ability to see anything. Various gadgets and software are used as aide by them in their investigation. These gadgets and software help the detectives to go into the depth of any of the cases they handle.
Telephonic conversations related to this controversy acted as evidence in the famous 2G spectrum scam. Conversations on phone are tapped to check out frauds and disloyalty in both corporate and non-corporate sector. It is the most widely used practice by detectives. This practice is also frequently shown in movies to find out what is being schemed between two people. It is commonly taken as the only means to find out the hidden facts. But, in reality, detectives use various tools to find out the unknown matters. Some examples of gadgets and software used for snooping around are:
Driver detective software: Detect the most recent driver to each and every independent computer system.
Private investigation software: It helps to manage private investigation cases, conduct background checks, find missing persons, etc.
Email detection software: Allow investigators to extract the email contents from online data base stores on a user’s computer disk drive.
Spy camera: Spy cameras are disguised in various other objects, and are available in different forms like, pen camera, mike camera, screw button camera kit, air purifier camera kit, etc.
Bug detector: It includes wireless frequency scanners, bug sweepers, camera locators, reflective camera finders, etc.
Visible/invisible powders: Cosmetic powders are used to get finger prints.

Detectives are hired by both corporate and non-corporate sector. Some of the purposes for which detectives are hired are divorce case, love affairs, extra-marital affairs, frauds in companies, insurance investigation, employee verification, espionage, etc. Various fields of investigation have different requirements. To fulfill all requirements and to perform investigation with high level of secrecy, the detectives need to have access to all these high-tech gadgets and software. These support systems help them in reaching those corners which are outside the approach of a common person.