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Since 2014, Smax E-Liquid has set out on a mission to help longtime smokers quit using flavor. The company was founded in San Jose, CA with the purpose of helping friends quit smoking after the products delivered successful results locally to founder Tyra Pham’s home in Canada.

With so many success stories, Tyra wanted to take the product and the results and give it more exposure. She noticed that no brands on the market provided exceptional customer experience. Smax made it a goal to be that brand for the vape industry, also becoming the first brand to produce an e-liquid that comes in an airless pump bottle. Over time, Smax introduced glass dropper bottles in 2015 and moved to medical grade Super Tubes in 2017. Both have since run their course and Smax is back to packaging in the airless pump bottles.

Through the years, the flavors have been what have defined Smax E-Liquid within the industry. When the company started, the focus was to provide flavors of premium juice that fit the likes of everyone who wanted to try to quit smoking. Six flavors were released, two fruit flavors, two dessert flavors and two hybrid flavors, providing an option for every type of palette.

All of the flavors from Smax E-Liquid are inspired by friends of Tyra and the Smax family. At the time of creation and release, these flavors were rare profiles that were not common to the market. The flavors are what help smokers quit. Smax has continued to work with customers to find the flavors that work for them and that aid in helping them quit smoking.

The flavors are what vapers like and they play an important role in whether a smoker quits the habit or not. However, the FDA is trying to ban flavors because they believe flavors are too appealing to kids, even with the success it has had in helping quit smoking and creating ex-smokers who simply enjoy the vape market.

Smax’s original flavors include the popular Pony On Acid, Lick It, Good Vibes, Mafia Princess, She’s A Dime and Sammie Puffs. You can purchase these flavors in bundles as well, opting for the Fruit Bundle that includes Pony On Acid, Lick It and Good Vibes, the Dessert Bundle, which includes Mafia Princess, She’s A Dime and Sammie Puffs, or the Smax Bible, including all six flavors.

Smax also offers flavors in a Routine Breakfast set that include Danish Dreams, Feelin’ Frappie and Mo Mocha, all part of Smax’s breakfast line.

Through the influence of friends that inspired the flavors of their premium juice, Smax is trying to spread a message that flavors can help people quit smoking and change your life. The inspiration of these efforts has led directly to the flavors you can enjoy from Smax and the goal remains to promote an exceptional customer experience for the vape industry with high-quality products that have a story attached to them.

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