DENVER, Colo. __ Realtors used to spend hours creating paper information flyers to stock at their properties, hoping that they were taken by interested potential buyers who would call to ask about a showing. Agents got no information about who took the flyers and sometimes the racks would sit empty for days if all the flyers were taken, missing out on valuable contacts that might have sold the property.

All of those problems are now in the past, thanks to Pro Agent Solutions and their new tool, Digital Flyer. This solution allows brokers and agents to connect with potential buyers in real-time, speeding up communication and potentially moving toward a faster sale. Digital Flyer relies on technology accessible to nearly everyone these days: a cell phone capable of text messaging.

Its implementation is quite simple. A potential buyer drives by a house and is enticed from the outside. If the agent has set up Digital Flyer, visitors will see a sign attached to the listing post asking them to text a short code to a particular phone number. In short order, they will receive a text message with a link containing all the information they used to get on a paper flyer—house photos and details, neighborhood information, and price. It’s convenient, easy, and familiar.

Brokers benefit significantly from this system as well. Now they have contact information for interested parties and can quickly send them further communication about this property or even other similar properties that might interest them. The text number can be transferred from one property to another once a listing sells, and it can be shared not only on the post in front of the building, but also on any signage, mailers, or other advertising that the agent sends out about the property.

It’s critical for buyers and sellers that the tool is both safe and easy to use, and Digital Flyer delivers. All information is stored securely; all users can rest easy knowing their data is well-protected. The system is easily accessible through a mobile app, and the full software program for brokers is intuitive and user-friendly as well. With available articles and a customer support center, brokers have access to any additional help they may require.

Digital Flyer is available now through Pro Agent Solutions; brokers can contact them today to get set up.