If you have any sort of pest problem in Lincolnshire, you need the services of a company that can provide a same day call out. In the case of many pests, by the time you have spotted one, such as a mouse, rat, or flea, the likelihood is very great that you have many of them in your home or business, so you don’t want to wait around to have the problem solved. Pestcotek Limited, based in Louth, provides a same day call out service to the whole of the county plus adjacent towns such as Peterborough, Newark, Scunthorpe, Immingham, Grimsby, and more.

Many creatures that are regarded as pests are only so regarded when they invade our own territory. For instance, you may have seen foxes on the television in shows about the country and thought what wonderful creatures they are – and indeed they are – provided they keep themselves to themselves and don’t invade our garden and start helping themselves to the chickens that we keep. Suddenly, that fox becomes a pest and we want him out of there, which is totally understandable.

The same thing applies to many creatures. A large percentage of the population loves birds. However, pigeons and seagulls can become a severe nuisance. They can live on your roof and block up drain pipes with their nesting materials, and their droppings can cause serious harm as they are acid and can destroy felt roofs and so on. They also contain diseases such as encephalitis, salmonella, meningitis, histoplasmosis and many more. You wouldn’t think that, when you see them flying about apparently innocently.

Then there are rodents, mostly rats and mice. Most people shudder when they think of rats, in particular, but some people actually keep them as pets, and they can be very smart pets at that. However, when they are wild and scavenging about in all the muck and dirt that they then bring on to your property that is a totally different can of worms. Once again, they bring in diseases, and they can also live in your loft or under floorboards and chew live electricity cables which poses a significant fire risk.

Fortunately, the experts at Pestcotek can deal with all types of pests, whether that is removing them humanely as might be the case with a nest of bees, or permanently destroying them.