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The grief one feels after the unexpected loss of a loved one may cause them to settle for anything in a wrongful death claim. Haffner Law’s wrongful death attorneys ensure that clients get the compensation they deserve.

[Los Angeles, 2/21/2019] – The death of any loved one is painful, but more so if it’s unexpected. Unfortunately, this is the case with accidents, whether it’s because of one’s own fault or someone else’s negligence. Some examples of the latter include vehicular accidents, medical malpractice, or product poisoning.

In a wrongful death claim, the surviving spouse, a domestic partner, or children of the deceased may seek compensation for funeral expenses, medical bills of the deceased person’s final illness, and lost income.

The surviving family members may also seek compensation for the loss in the value of the deceased’s household services, anticipated financial support, and even non-financial losses in love, affection, or moral support.

People who have experienced the loss of a loved one in Los Angeles within the past two years and have not filed for a claim may still do so with the help of Haffner Law’s wrongful death lawyers.

Why Choose Haffner Law Attorneys?

Sometimes, in moments as terrible as the wrongful death of a loved one, some insurance companies and the opposite party will do all they can to avoid paying settlements in full. Some insurers may make a lowball offer, which the deceased’s survivor may not realize as such because they’re grief-stricken and at their most vulnerable.

Haffner Law’s wrongful death lawyers will ensure that this doesn’t happen. They will interact with the insurance company and the other party on behalf of their clients and ensure that they get the compensation they’re owed. Haffner Law also understands that filing for a wrongful death claim may not ease the grief and emotional pain, but the financial justice may reduce clients’ stress and provide them some form of comfort.

Haffner Law values its clients and is aware of their pain and loss. The firm’s wrongful death attorneys are dedicated to providing the best legal representation during someone’s most difficult time.

About Haffner Law

Haffner Law is a Los Angeles firm that provides representation for people who are victims of wrongful death. For over 20 years, the firm has been committed to providing high-level representation that seeks to maximize positive results for its clients.

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