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For more than 20 years, Studentreasures Publishing has been providing free tools that help create young authors. They take pride in making lasting memories through unique books that serve as a learning experience for young writers everywhere.

[Topeka, 2/21/2019] – Studentreasures Publishing provides free publishing kits to schools that help turn young students into published authors. They pride themselves in publishing books that make for a lasting treasure while also serving as a learning experience for young students everywhere.

A Collaborative Classbook

Studentreasures Publishing provides free Classbook kits that motivate young writers to turn their stories into published books. Publishing their one-of-a-kind stories gives students a unique learning experience that will not only hone their skills but boost their confidence as well.

Through these kits, teachers can conduct a group writing activity in which students can contribute ideas and have them published in a collaborative classbook. This activity enables kids to practice their writing and illustrating skills, while making their stories come to life.

The Publishing Process

Studentreasures Publishing has made publishing a book easier by providing free materials and easy-to-follow instructions on the publishing process.

• Step 1: The teacher, upon ordering a kit, chooses a publishing date. This is the step where the teacher can choose the type of kit and layout.

• Step 2: When the kit arrives, it’s time to let the students’ imaginations run wild and fill the pages with their story. The teacher lets them contribute their own writing and illustration depending on the topic.

• Step 3: A week before the chosen publishing date, the teacher gathers the finished materials and parent-order forms and sends them back to the company. In 20 business days, the one-of-a-kind published book will arrive at the school.

• Step 4: Once the book arrives, teachers are encouraged to celebrate the newly published authors by throwing a book signing party.

The finished book is a memory that will last a lifetime, celebrating children becoming published authors. The books are cherished treasures that will grace bookshelves for years.

About Studentreasures Publishing

Studentreasures Publishing provides opportunities for schools to publish their students’ stories and develop their writing and illustrating skills. They have helped create more than 14 million young authors over the last 20 years and are continuously motivating and inspiring students to turn their stories into professionally bound books.

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