Be Unique Hospitality
Office No. 72, Oasis Centre Sheikh Zayed Road
Dubai, U.A.E

Tel: +971 4 380 1057

Restaurants, hotels, cafes, and bistros looking for a restaurant consultant in Dubai, will find complete restaurant management solutions under one roof with Be Unique Hospitality. There is a rapidly growing hospitality industry in the center of the Middle East, whether it is established restaurants, up and coming cafes, refurbished hotels or small B&B’s.

“Sometimes you need an expert to step in”, says the Director of Be Unique Hospitality “and this is what we are great at doing. We step in, take over, and make the necessary changes, tweaks or overhauls. We add our expertise and before long your establishment will be attracting the kind of customers you’ve always hoped for”.

They have the relevant skills and understanding to work with clients of all sizes and scope. There are many restaurants struggling in their first year of operation. Unfortunately, the statistics are stacked against them. “But, we don’t give up”, the Director continues. “If your restaurant is in distress we provide a comprehensive range of restaurant solutions from conceptualization to menu engineering, location sourcing and recruiting the right people”.

They rely on speed and action when working in the hospitality industry. They are committed to the growth and development of their clients, guaranteeing long-term success. If clients have expectations, Be Unique Hospitality will exceed them. If clients are facing difficulty, they will take immediate steps to amend and correct the problems. They will take complete responsibility of the hassle and stress of their clients and turn things around, before handing it back.

With a team of exceptional people made up of restaurant consultants, marketing experts, former owners and executive chefs, Be Unique Hospitality delivers the highest standard of quality and service in every possible way.

About Us
Be Unique Hospitality is a high level restaurant consultancy firm in the U.A.E and Asia with decades of experience in helping turn the tide of restaurant profitability. We have worked with diverse clients from all walks of life, and specialize in offering practical solutions to bars, spas, hotels, cafes and restaurants. We are there from beginning to end in the successful turnaround of an old restaurant or the starting point of a new restaurant. Our work has involved writing the business plan, designing the restaurant concept, menu engineering and all the way to recruitment and implementation. For more information, visit our website at