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Adam Loeber is a successful medical malpractice attorney in New York City. But Adam did not grow up in New York City, nor is he originally from the United States in the first place. Adam was born in Munich, Germany, in 1975 and spent his childhood there. It was only when he graduated from high school and went to college that he ended up in the U.S.

Adam’s high school life showed him to be an intelligent, remarkable young man. He found a talent for learning – particularly reading and writing – and there wasn’t a single class he didn’t enjoy, including math. In fact, he couldn’t decide whether he wanted to be a lawyer, biologist, or doctor until he attended his undergraduate college.

In his senior year, Adam applied to Columbia University after a teacher recommended he look at top American schools. To his surprise – but not that of his friends and family – Columbia accepted and offered him a full ride. Adam spent his first year sampling different subjects, unsure of what to major in. He eventually decided on political science and history as a double major, at which point he finally decided to go for a career in law. After he graduated magna cum laude in 1997, Adam was immediately accepted into Columbia’s law school, posting amazing test results and a stellar application.

His years in law school were well-spent, and he came out set up with a professional mentor Sal Goldman who took him under his wing as he began his foray into professional law. For more visit