Respirator Fit Tester Market: Overview

The challenging weather conditions involved in the working areas such as mining, aerospace, defense affect the breathing patterns of people. Factors such as high air pressure, temperature, humidity affects the breathing and can be fatal in nature due to scarcity of oxygen. Respirator Fit Testers play a pivot role as leakage of contaminated air can create breathing hazards to the respirator. The governments of different countries are enforcing laws to maintain safety at workplace and reduce the hazards caused to employees and this factor is resulting into increasing demand for respirator fit tester.

For example, United States Department of Labor enforce OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) standard is aimed at maintaining safety at workplaces
As per this standard, the employers should ensure the proper fitting of respiratory masks using respirator fit tester and that employees are medically fit to wear it
Such regulations in various countries are boosting the adoption of respirator fit testers as these testers make sure that respiratory masks are functional.

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Respirator Fit Tester Market: Drivers and Restraints

The increasing awareness about the employee safety is one of the prime factors boosting the growth of respirator fit testers. The ability of respirator fit tester to detect mask leakage, tight-fitting checking is increasing adoption of respirator fit tester. The availability of technologically advanced respirator fit tester such as programmable tester, real-time fit checking tester is driving the market growth. In addition to this, the respirator fit tester manufacturers are undergoing constant up gradations in their products to deliver more advanced and user friendly testers to have an edge over their competitors.

For example, TSI Incorporated offers various types of respirator fit tester with upgraded features. For Instance, the company has offered Portacount Respirator Fit Tester which eliminates error-prone conventional test methods.
On the other hand, high prices of respirator fit tester and longer lifecycle are some of the significant challenges hindering the growth of market.

Respirator Fit Tester Market: Segmentation

The global respirator fit tester market is segmented on the basis of type of test, and end use industry.

Segmentation Based on Type of Test:

The respirator fit tester market is segmented on the basis of types of test conducted using this tester. The segmentation based on type of test includes

Quantitative Respirator Fit Testing
Qualitative Respirator Fit Testing
Segmentation Based on Industry:

On the basis of industry, the respirator fit tester market is segmented into the

Healthcare and Pharmaceutical
Aerospace and Defence
Material Processing
Oil & Gas
Respirator Fit Tester Market: Key Players

Some of the leading manufacturers of respirator fit tester includes 3M Company, TSI, Occupational Health Dynamics, American Airworks, Moldex Metric Inc., Envirocon Instrumentation, Sensidyne, LP, ALLEGRO INDUSTRIES, Levitt-Safety Ltd., Honeywell International Inc., and others. Constant product advancements is one of the key strategies followed by the respirator fit tester manufacturers. Also, these leading manufacturers are focusing on technological innovations.

For example, AccuTec-IHS Inc. offers AccuFIT 9000, which can be used as standalone or connected device along with personal computers, tablets.
Also, the respirator fit tester are ethernet connected, wi-fi enabled and have USB to improve the performance. These type of respirator fit testers can run four tests simultaneously. 
Respirator Fit Tester Market: Region-wise Outlook

North America region is expected to hold significant market share from the sales of respirator fit tester due to stringent government regulations and standards enforced by United States Department of Labor in this region. These regulations are pushing the employers in this region to adopt the respirator fit tester in work environment to ensure safety. This trend is also followed in Europe which is expected to witness substantial market share due to high adoption of respirator fit testers in various industries in these regions. The APEJ region is expected to register significant CAGR growth rate due to rapid industrialization and increasing importance of safety at workplace environment in this region.

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