Dentec’s interior design services can help spruce up your clinic and make a lasting impression on your guests. Invest in design that matches the high quality of the healthcare services you offer.

[Auckland, 20/2/2019] – Dentec, a design and fit-out expert company for dental care facilities, provides interior design services for clients looking to refurbish the interior of their clinic area. The redesign services are part of Dentec’s comprehensive design and fit-out consultancy package, helping clients enhance their facilities to ensure a more professional and appealing practice.

Applying Aesthetics—the Dentec Interior Design Service

Dentec provides interior design consultation and execution for healthcare facilities. They guide clients by presenting their plans for the appearance of the clinic, including colour schemes, lighting and furniture design. The designers can coordinate these different elements to create a cohesive and effective look that will best rejuvenate the look of the clinic.

Well-executed interior design can make an impression on guests. By investing in the redesign of a clinic’s interior, both owners and guests can enjoy a space that is not only functional but also relaxing and professional.

Redefine the Clinic Experience for Clients and Patients

Dentec’s end-to-end design and consultancy fit-out services help create an appealing and valuable clinic experience for clients and patients alike. Dentec’s planning process is highly collaborative; they take into account what the clinic needs, and they help find the most effective ways to address that goal. By integrating all the necessary aspects of running a healthcare facility in the planning process, clients can ensure a clinic that can match the needs of their practices as well as provide a conducive environment for their operations.

About Dentec

Dentec is a comprehensive dental equipment and fit-out solutions provider in New Zealand. Their mission is to serve clients looking to establish their practices by offering consultancy, design and installation services geared towards making high-quality dental care facilities, whether for first-time owners or those looking to refurbish their clinics. Dentec handles the entire process from start to finish, providing equipment such as dental chairs, instruments and other operating necessities. The Dentec team is composed of industry experts in the field of healthcare, project management and infrastructure.

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