MDaemon Technologies is proud to announce the launch of version 18.5.1 of its business email server. If you’re looking for a way to streamline your corporate communications under the protection of unparalleled security and reliability, Mdaemon Messaging Server provides the tools you need. Given the reliance on email that almost every modern business has, a simple email server often isn’t enough. Instead, business leaders need a fully scalable and customizable solution that can easily adapt to ever-changing needs and corporate goals. This solution is also easy to implement, and it uses the private cloud technology that companies need to protect their email data. At the same time, it negates the necessity to implement and maintain costly in-house computing infrastructures. This way, companies can choose what sort of email server they want to build. In-house or private cloud – the choice is yours.

Mdaemon Messaging Server 18.5, released on November 13, 2018, provides many welcome updates and improvements. Most importantly, hosted options using the Mdaemon Private Cloud are now available, while businesses that prefer to keep everything in-house are still free to set up their own email servers without any restrictions. Other changes include various optimizations to the AV update schedule, the included macro system and webmail interface. The software also includes built-in mobile device management for protecting email accounts accessed using company- or employee-owned mobile devices. Get started today at