11th February, 2019: Over the years, the quintessential big fat Indian wedding is slowly growing bigger and fatter. With an increase in purchasing power, young couples today don’t spare any expense when it comes to a planning the perfect wedding. They do however focus on practicality and value for money. Young couples may spend a lot, but they need to know that the money is well-spent. This has led to a complete change in the Indian wedding scenario and quite literally a change in face of Indian weddings in terms of look, feel and decorations. Here is a low-down on the latest trends & tips for Indian wedding decorations.
Colour Schemes: Gone are the days of the traditional red and gold. And gone are the days of only matching the couple’s outfits. Today a chosen colour scheme is reflected in every aspect of a wedding right from the invites to the table mats. Couples of 2019 are hiring professional wedding decorators like Discover Resorts just for this. They are also experimenting with a range of colour palettes. Elegant colours with just a touch of gold, silver or bronze are in.
Flowers: Flowers have always been part of wedding celebrations but in 2019, it’s no longer just about marigolds. Flowers are now chosen on the basis of their usage and colour. The great Indian wedding has no dearth of innovative ideas and uses for flowers. Floral sculptures, floral curtains and floral chandeliers are just the tip of the iceberg.
Lighting: The young couple of today is completely focussed on creating the right vibe at their wedding, and lighting plays a major role in this. Couples are looking for venues like Discover Resorts that are flexible and innovative with their lighting suggestions be it colour washes or spotlights.
The Stage: Possibly the most photographed area of the entire venue, the stage takes centre-stage when it comes to decorations. In 2019, professional wedding decorators like Discover Resorts will focus on creating personalized themes that truly represent the couple.
The Take-Home: The practical couple of today is now paying more attention to the memories their guests return with. Dry fruits and sweets have given way to cutely packed curios, scented candles and even plant seeds amongst others.
Social Media: Nothing in today’s day and age happens without being present on social media. Most venues haven’t caught up with this trend. But there are a few like Discover Resorts, who are completely on top of things. Discover Resorts will not just give you instagram-worthy pictures, they will also help promote your wedding across various social media platforms. And to get cyber-space buzzing about the big day, they’ll even get a few professional influencers on-board.
Wedding venues today need to adapt to this rapidly changing market. A good wedding venue like Discover Resorts is able to give suggestions and help implement the latest in décor trends. See what one of our bridesmaids had to say about us –
”I had taken charge of organizing my best friend’s wedding. By the time I was done, I had left Discover Resorts in charge. They took care of every tiny aspect, from where the water pots were to be placed right to the colour of the chairs at the meal. Discover Resorts are the only other people, apart from myself, I trust to organize a great wedding. – Sneha Chawla
About Discover Resorts:
Discover Resorts is located 10km from Matheran, 60km from Thane, 86km from Mumbai and 120km from Pune, at the foothills of the Sahyadri Mountains. Equipped with pool/mountain facing private residences and round the clock hospitality, this resort is ideal for anyone looking for a restful break.
Discover Resorts provides tailor-made wedding experiences. Couples have the option of choosing from the ready-made packages we offer, or customizing their own. There is no aspect of a wedding that Discover Resorts does not handle.
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