Moving homes without proper insurance is an unwise move. To ensure that your goods remain undamaged, customers are recommended to make sure they question every aspect of the insurance coverage.

20th February 2019, Hobart
When it comes to moving homes from Australia to Tasmania or vice versa, a lot of customers overlook one crucial aspect of a home move- Insurance. Insurance is essential if you wish to claim reparations for damages to your goods during transportation or in storage. All removalists between Australia and Tasmania are required to abide by the AFRA policies and offer insurance to their customers.

However, a lot of customers are unsure about what they can expect from this insurance. For instance, can you avail insurance when you are moving from QLD to TAS? Most customers are not sure. Typical removal insurance plans have separate clauses for the packing and loading process, and for the transportation and storage process. There are further sub-clauses about what kind of damages are covered for both transportation and storage scenarios.

What is the extent of coverage?
Customers should be entirely sure about the scope of the insurance coverage provided by the removalist they hire. They must find out what kind of coverage they are getting and what duration it covers. The scope of insurance must be measured by the kind of items the insurance covers.

Another metric for the scope of insurance is how much of the packing, removal and transportation are covered by the insurance service provider. Some companies opt to provide coverage only for the transportation and not the storage, or the packing and the loading. An insurance offer with such a limited scope is a no-brainer.

Are your goods insured in storage?
Not every house removal company who offers storage facilities to customers provides insurance for items in the storage facility. Except for a few prominent services, most only offer insurance for packing and moving.
However, that is seldom advertised. So, customers need to be vigilant and specifically ask if the goods they choose to put in the storage come within the scope of the insurance or not. It also must be noted that you must separately ask about different kinds of damages that your goods may incur in storage. There could be pest problems, natural calamities, theft and so on. Therefore, when you are relocating long distance, say moving from QLD To TAS it is essential to go over all the clauses of the insurance.
So, when you are embarking on a home move with the assistance of a house removal company that offers insurance, be sure to ask questions pertinent to the coverage provided.