Wista Lighting provides various type and collection of LED lighting. This company is one of the big players in the energy saving lighting business. They are focusing on technology development for LED lighting, which produces more environmental friendly lighting for the community.

Even though Wista produces the energy saver lighting product, which is the led factory lighting. Their product is mostly made for industry. For example, the creation of a mining lighting that can save more energy, so it can be used for a longer period of time. Other than mining, this company also produces lighting for other purposes, such as factory lighting, warehouse lighting, stadium lighting, and exhibition lighting.

“The led flood light Wista lighting designed for us 4 years ago is still selling in our market. We are expecting new serial in this year.” said Marco, Purchasing manager of Electron Berlin

Wista LED lighting products can be divided into two big categories, which are indoor and outdoor lights. The indoor light is available in 4 different types, which are:
● Led high bay lights
● LED linear light,
● LED panel light,
● LED downlights.

Among those four, LED High Bay is the most popular one. For this type, there are also 4 series of product that customers can buy, which are:

● OHB LED UFO High Bay
● NHB LED High Bay Light
● AHBL High Bay LED Lighting
● MHB Industrial High Bay Led Lighting

The wholesale selling system becomes one of the reasons why many people buy this product. With this system, the high bay led lighting prices also become much more affordable. Moreover, the product also has a good specification. For example, the customer can choose its strength, between 4000K-6000K. It also is available in many different power levels, such as 100W, 150W, 200W, and 240W.

For the outdoor lighting, Wista provides LED Area Light, LED Wall Pack, LED Canopy, LED Flood Light USA, LED General Flood Light, High Mast Light, LED Work Light and LED Solar Street Light.
With the good quality guarantee stated by Wista Lighting, this company is ready to become one of an important player in the lighting industry. Moreover, with a good market response this year, their business also grows bigger and capable of providing service for the International market. This year will become a good chance for this company to strengthen its position in the environment-friendly product market.

About Wista Lighting

Wista Lighting Technology Co. Ltd. is a technology company that focuses on creating energy saver lighting. Most of their product is LED lighting. They also focus on the LED lighting product for indoor and outdoor lighting.

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