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Distance education increases 3.9% increase year-to-year, as per recorded the previous two years. The huge involvement in this distance learning is learning/assessment software and the online exam application. The application becomes an essential part of daily routine, apps make our life easy and flawless. It is not possible for everyone can give exam via software.

Not all examines are present at every time when conducting an exam at that time the Conduct Exam examination app is useful to give test anywhere and anytime. The exam app is synchronized with Conduct Exam software so anyone can able to give the exam as per examine’s preference.

This exam app offers online assessment solutions through which education institutes, coaching institutes, universities and also recruitment companies can conduct an exam with ease. The existing features of this app are one can give test online as well as offline. The app is always updated on regular basis. Now the current version is 1.31.

Online Exam App’s Exciting Features Highlights 2019 :

As an Examiner :

Advance time management to assigns Date & Time in test and limit according to the examination admin

Admin is able to add sub admin for specific examination responsibility

Graphical representation of result report to analyze the flow of examinee

Send exam schedules, upcoming test updates, notification

The beneficial functionality for coaching institutes is selling test

Series/question bank with payment integration

Randomized question series, sections questions

Various type of settings for an examiner

As an Examine:

Identify questions that take most/least time

Instant result generation after the examination

Detailed test analysis with scholar examine

Give test anytime and anywhere

Download the study material or documents.

Why Choose Conduct Exam App

The application can’t switch during exam means examine is not able to cheating in the exam.

Synchronization of test on Web and Mobile/Tablet hosted on Cloud Servers

Third party integration so another examine can give the test

Authenticate and highly secured platform

Cost-effective application

24/7 Support