Sports Inspired Clothing Market Pegged for Robust Expansion During

Sportswear as fashion clothing has highly integrated into the cultures across the globe. Sports inspired clothing or athletic-inspired clothing is trending in the industry as adoption of a healthy lifestyle is gaining momentum. Lifestyle is playing a crucial role in shaping clothing brands wherein inspiration from the athleisure field can lead to industry profitability with the growing interest of young customers. In modern times, fashion is embraced in all age groups wherein inspiration from sports has led brands to introduce new collections of sports inspired clothing.

Current marketplace of the sports inspired clothing is marked by manufacturers introducing the age-and gender-specific collection to attract a broad customer base. The offerings of the sports inspired clothing are also implementing a modern routine of consumers wherein the new sports inspired clothing portrays flexibility, high performance and trending aesthetics.

Few fashion-forward brands have introduced a range of creative sports inspired clothes that resemble more to a fashion piece than to sports inspired clothing. This range of sports inspired clothing has become popular among millennial population oriented toward health and wellness. As sportier context is finding success in the clothing brands, sport inspired clothing market is likely to grow steadily in the coming years.

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Global Sports Inspired Clothing Market Outlook

According to a recent study, the global market for sports and fitness clothing industry is projected to reach 233.4 billion over the forecast period. When two lucrative industry i.e. sports industry and fashion industry come together, it always a win-win situation. As a result, the global has been enduring with new trends of the combination of fashion and sportswear. Today’s consumers strive for a healthy lifestyle adopting health beneficial factors by all means no matter when it comes to diet, healthy routine or even clothing.  The sports-inspired clothing market is mainly driven by this kind of population around the globe. Asia-Pacific region is expected to witness fastest growth rate with a CAGR of 6.5% in terms of value sales over the forecast period. The rise in per capita spending over sportswear, the surge in fitness club members, rising number of audience for various types of sports, the popularity of outdoor recreation are some of the critical factors triggering the demand for sports-inspired clothing market.

Global Sports Inspired Clothing Market: Reasons for Covering this Title

Over the years, there has been a gradual shift of consumers to a healthy lifestyle and promoting it in a much more effective manner wearing those sports-inspired clothing is one of the enduring trends in today’s world. Since decades, there has been a large number of audience for various types of sports such as football, cricket, tennis, basketball etc following, getting inspired and supporting some of the marquee players in each sports sector. Initially, sports and athletic wear were regarded as the attire that is being worn to gym or training centers. However, in the present scenario, the line between the fashion industry and sports industry has been blurring with rising in demand for sports-inspired clothing. Owing to which most of major activewear companies have been strategizing on coming up with sports-inspired clothing for its target customers. Major companies such as Nike, Adidas strategizes on adopting innovative factors on its existing sports-inspired clothing lines.           

Global Sports Inspired Clothing: Market Segmentation

On the basis of types, the global Sports Inspired Clothing market has been segmented as –

Tops & T-Shirts
Hoodies & Pullovers
Jackets & Vests
Pants & Tights
Skirts & Dresses
Sports Bras
On the basis of the end user, the global Sports Inspired Clothing market has been segmented as –

On the basis of the distribution channel, the global Sports Inspired Clothing market has been segmented as –

Specialty Stores
Brand Stores
Independent Stores
Online Store
 Global Sports Inspired Clothing Market: Key Players

Some of the key players operating in the global Sports Inspired Clothing market are Nike, Adidas, Reebok, Lululemon Athletica, Fabletics, Outdoor Voices, Olympia Activewear, Vie Active among others.

Sports Inspired Clothing Market: Key Trends

Sports Inspired clothing market has been continuously making innovation and coming up with new clothing catering to its target customers’ needs and demands. For effective marketing

Sports Inspired Clothing Market: Key Developments

In 2017, Nike launched a Plus-Size Activewear line with a wide range of styles from athleisure to high impact sportswear.
In 2015, Adidas launched a line of sports-inspired clothing for high school gals in the North American market.
In 2017, Nike announced the launch of sports-inspired clothing under the brand name Nike Pro Hijab for its Muslim customers in GCC Countries.
Opportunities for Sports Inspired Clothing Market Participants

The millennial population is on the verge of surpassing the boomer category over the forecast period in some of the major parts of the world specifically the Asia Pacific and the North American region. Some of the sources suggest that there are more millennial in China than the entire population of the US. This kind of population is self-centered, active and keener on sports and other recreational activities. For Sports Inspired Clothing market millennial accounts to a higher share of target customers which help in generating value sales for the market. According to global millennial proportion, the Asia Pacific and North America are the most attractive destination for sports-inspired clothing market.   

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