LSoft Technologies, an industry leader in data-recovery software, has just launched the latest edition of Active@ UNERASER. Version 13.0.0 comes with many welcome improvements, including support for new file signatures and the latest versions of Active@ Boot Disk, Boot Disk Creator and, for the Ultimate package, Active@ Live CD.

If you’ve ever emptied the recycle bin or formatted a hard drive partition only to find out afterwards that important files were among them, then you know how it feels to lose data. Unfortunately, it’s a common problem that might be caused by human error, failing hardware or a malicious software attack. Whatever the reason, Active@ UNERASER provides one last chance.

Most computer users assume that files are gone for good once they’ve been removed from the recycle bin or the drive has been formatted. Fortunately, that isn’t the case. Until something permanently overwrites the original data, you have a chance to get everything back intact. Active@ UNERASER is designed to exploit that opportunity.

The latest version helps you search for an identify hundreds of filetypes, with version 13 adding support for ONE, PUB, VDI, BCB, IBD, FRM and MYI file extensions. Furthermore, users can enjoy a quicker and easier recovery process than ever before thanks to the addition of a new Easy Recovery Mode that simplifies the search and recovery of lost files on live volumes.

If you’ve suddenly realized that you unwittingly deleted important files, then it’s time to act quickly to maximize your chances of a successful recovery operation before the original data gets overwritten and it’s too late. Get started with Active@ UNERASER 13 today at