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LeanMD is proud to announce the 75-pound weight loss success of a San Ramon teacher after following the program. LeanMD offers clients access to a three-step, medically generated weight loss process. With this process, clients can reach their goals, keep improving and seeing results and live the life they deserve.

Lisa Vela, age 49, remembered feeling out of breath just walking from the classroom to the office, and decided she wanted to make a change, live a healthier life and enjoy each day to its fullest. The LeanMD program provided the plan and effects she was looking for by utilizing a calorie deficit and an appetite suppressant.

The program is flexible to meet the needs of each client and provides guidance that encourages those using it to eat healthy, fresh foods, rather than processed or prepackaged options. With the plan, individuals can expect to lose two to three pounds per week, which is a safe rate of weight loss.

Additional information about the weight loss method used by LeanMD can be found by visiting the company’s website.

About Lean MD: LeanMD is a weight loss program that is medically supported. It features a mobile app and provides patients with a safe, effective way to lose weight. LeanMD was created by a team of dedicated professionals, which includes software engineers, technologists, registered dieticians and physicians.

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