Agriculture is a labor intensive and time consuming activity. Farmers toil hard in the much for months to see the fruits of their labor come to life and grow. A significant amount of money is also invested in the procreation of seeds, fertilizers, farming equipment, and various other things needed throughout the agricultural cycle. After putting in so much sweat, time, money, and resources it is quite natural that a farmer would want to ensure that nothing goes wrong with the crops. It is a well known fact that plants being living beings can be quite delicate in certain ways. They require perfect environmental conditions in order to grow and therefore it is important to constantly monitor the environmental conditions in the facility where plants are being grown. UbiBot specializes in making the equipment that enables you to constantly measure such conditions surrounding your plants with complete accuracy.

The wireless temperature sensor being made available by UbiBot makes IOT based smart agriculture possible with ease. This device will not only help you in ensuring that no harm comes to your plants but in fact it can also help in increasing both the quality and the quantity of the yield by assisting you in maintaining ideal conditions at all times. UbiBot’s wireless temperature sensor connects to their IOT platform via a wireless connection and by accessing it you can easily keep an eye on the important environmental conditions surrounding your crops such as temperature, humidity, and light. In this way it enables farmers to practice IOT based smart agriculture by alerting them whenever conditions go out of the zone specified by them so that they can immediately rectify the situation. Besides farmers UbiBot also helps IT companies and other businesses that do computer intensive work by supplying superior quality server room environmental monitoring equipment.

About UbiBot

UbiBot offers the ultimate solution to remotely monitor the environmental conditions at any facility with utmost precision. The hardware sensors manufactured by the company has the capability to connect to their IOT platform through a WiFi connection eliminating the need for a separate expensive hub as is the case with the products of many other companies. UbiBot is the most suitable monitoring choice for greenhouses, warehouses, cold storages, pharmaceutical storages, IT companies and many more. For further details please visit