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Starting an automotive repair business needs a lot of quality equipment that can be a sizable investment. JMC Equipment recognizes this, so they offer affordable financing options for their customers.

[DOVER, 2/18/2019] – The automotive industry offers various business options within the field. A person can open an auto parts store, offer repair services, or car care. However, no matter the type of business a person pursues within the automotive industry, they must overcome some challenges. This includes the procurement of different equipment needed in their shop.

To provide customers with the best service, auto repair shops need quality tools and equipment. These tools are good investments because they can be used for a long time. Like any investment, though, the right equipment can be rather costly, especially given the large number of tools and equipment required to run a successful auto repair shop.

As the distributor of top-tier automotive materials, JMC Equipment understands the value of good auto repair tools. This is why the Delaware-based company offers an affordable financing option to its clients.

A Financing Option That Helps Businesses Grow

JMC Equipment teamed up with QuikSpark Financial to provide quick and easy equipment financing to American businesses. By partnering with the financing company, JMC Equipment is able to provide the right equipment to its clients at a low and affordable monthly payment. This way, their clients can earn back their investment while receiving a steady cash flow.

With financing options from QuikSpark, JMC Equipment’s clients can start generating revenue from their auto shop – even before the first financing payment due date. Plus, the simple electronic application process of financing means that a person can get a credit decision within hours of submission.

The financing options that QuikSpark offers for JMC Equipment clients range from 12 to 60 months of affordable monthly payments. What’s more, Section 179 of the IRS code allows businesses to deduct 100 percent of the total equipment cost from their tax.

With QuikSpark, startup businesses, SMEs, established businesses, and even people with low credit scores or financial issues can apply for financing options, so they can get the best automotive tools at JMC Equipment and start their own successful enterprise.

About JMC Equipment

JMC Equipment is a family-owned business based in Dover, Delaware. Founded in 2013, its goal is to always provide affordable automotive tools and equipment of the finest caliber at affordable prices.

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