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For the past 25 years, the Portable Document Format has been the industry standard for electronic books and downloadable documents. However, despite its versatility and the fact that virtually any device can read PDF files, some documents to end up being prohibitively large. This presents a major problem when distributing the documents online. For example, with mobile data limits being very low in most cases, a large PDF download can quickly consume a mobile user’s bandwidth allowance. Another common problem occurs when emailing PDF files that are too large, since most email services put a limit on the size of attachments. If you’ve ever encountered any of these issues, you might need a free PDF compressor.

PDF Reducer Cloud presents the perfect solution, and it’s among the most convenient too. Because it allows you to compress PDF online, there is no need to have any additional software installed on your device. All you have to do is upload the document through the online service, and it will reduce its size in seconds. The online PDF reducer can downsize PDF documents by up to 80%, particularly if they contain lots of images. The latest edition sports an improved compression ratio as well as an overhauled MRC engine and a wide range of minor bug fixes. Document quality is also preserved to a higher standard than ever, making this solution a must-have for anyone who routinely works with PDF files. There’s also a paid version available for heavy users who want to install it on their own servers or desktops or integrate into their own software.

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