As most of you know Germany is known for the manufacturing and production sector and it’s one of the world’s largest car producer. Germany is the World’s second largest exporter.
Thus being said, Germany also moved a bit forward to provide free education not only for eu students but for International students also.
Yes you read that right, Germany offers free education for all students, there is no tuition fee for any students studying in Germany. Even Private Universities offer low tuition fee for all students.
Stay back period in Germany
One of the things which International Students and Job seekers love is that the Post-study work permit in Germany is 18 Months. It helps the students and job seekers to find the desired job based on their qualification.
When compared to other countries Germany has the highest stay back period and the cost of living in Germany is also reasonable.
Cost of Living in Germany
The cost of living in Germany is reasonable when compared to other countries which also provides the best education as like Germany. The monthly expense of a person will not exceed 600 euros in a non-expensive city in Germany. In an expensive city in Germany, the monthly expenditure will be approximately 800 euros.
Job opportunities in Germany
The automobile manufacturing giants like BMW, Mercedes, Volkswagen, etc., have their main hub in Germany. The prospects of getting a job in one these giants are much higher when studied in Germany.
It’s not like is only manufacturing sector is a boom in Germany. The Job opportunity for the field of technology is also higher and has more chance to rise in the upcoming years. Berlin is known as the start-up capital of Europe.
With that being said, in upcoming years the demand for STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) field will rise and Germany may need more young manpower with skills to keep the economy stable.