Telemetry monitoring involves monitoring the electrical activity of your heart for a prolonged period of time. Since it accurately determines a patient’s risk for abnormal heart activity, it proves to be an immensely beneficial and required instrument in any medical setup. USOC Medical comprehends the seriousness of the situation and so makes it a point to offer only the most reliable and steadfast Philips Telemetry for sale.

The professionals at this company understand that sensors at the source measure either electrical data or physical data which is then converted into specific electrical voltages. Telemeters are basically the physical devices used in telemetry. A multiplexer brings together the voltages along with timing data. This ensures it becomes a single data stream for transmission to a remote receiver. Electronic devices used for telemetry can either be analog or digital and wireless or hard-wired.

With USCO Medical, one can expect only the best. Besides offering medical professionals and clinicians the ability to purchase this piece of equipment, the company also provides Philip medical repair for Telemetry whenever critical components required to accurately carry out patient monitoring is required. This ensures clinics and medical companies obtain the best quality equipment as well as Telemetry for sale that blends in with the medical needs and preferences of transmitting multiple data streams in a fixed frame.

About USOC Medical
USOC Medical, a biomedical equipment services and repair company, specializes in all types of bio-medical equipment. Besides offering medical equipment for sale the company also offers impeccable repairs for all GE and Philips modules, telemetries, monitors, transducers and central stations. We make use of OEM parts whenever possible and whenever it is requested by the customer. If not, aftermarket parts that blend with USCO’s medical standards are used. We never compromise on quality and dependability of the products as we know that your patients place your complete faith in you and it is your duty to meet their expectations.
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