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Ans: Andromeda Galaxy; also called M31 is often a spiral galaxy and would be the one key galaxy that is in the vicinity of our milky way and is prominently visible with human eye in the evening sky as it will be the most distant one as well as it truly is the brightest within the heaven and is 2.3 million light years away. It appears as a smudge of light bigger than the full moon. Get a lot more details about This page

The most effective time to look for this galaxy is in northern autumn and late September and early October too.

Till date scientists have found 26 black holes within this galaxy.

You’ll find assumptions that several billion years from now, Milky Way and Andromeda will collide and henceforth each of the black holes will reside in large elliptical galaxy that will be an outcome on the merge.

So, the bottom line is, this galaxy is something which can be rated as one of your most distant factors which we can see using the unaided eye as well!!!